What Types Of Content Marketing Services Can I Offer To My Clients?

As a content marketer, there are various types of content marketing services that you can provide to your clients that will give their brand the popularity it needs.

Content like blog articles, e-book, infographics, videos, case studies, social media messages, emails, and more is directed to a specific buyer persona.

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Content Marketing Services

Nowadays, there is a lot of need for content marketing as most companies use it for marketing their products and services to clients

Offer Superior Value

Your main goal should be to provide services that address your clients’ content marketing and lead-generating demands. 

Content marketing is simply a form of online marketing that focuses on creating, distributing, and promoting content for a specific audience.

Therefore, a crucial part of your duty is to raise awareness about the importance of branded content among your clients. 

When a client creates content that is directly associated with its brand, it helps consumers form an emotional connection with it; this type of content is a reference to branded content.

In the digital marketing world, content marketing services are services that include the planning of a content marketing strategy, the creation, distribution, promotion, and tracking of content to achieve specific business objectives.

With content marketing, you can offer the following services to keep your clients prospects and audience engaged while also bringing in revenue:

1. Content Marketing Strategy

Most clients will want to get right into content creation, but it is of utmost importance that you first engage them by emphasizing the value of a solid content marketing strategy.

Strategic planning makes it easier to know where you are and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

There is no harm in assessing your client’s current systems and identifying ways to improve them if they already exist.

These steps are crucial because they’ll lead to well planned out future content creation.

2. Content Creation

Creating content that can be interacted with is one of the best blog post strategies to use.

For most businesses, a mix of blogging, email marketing, social networking, and premium content development is best, but it’ll depend on the client or the industry.

It is possible to show your clients the value of content by guiding them through the selection process.

When engaging the audience, interactive content is unique.

A large number of marketers are turning to interactive content as a means to captivate their audience.

Creation of high-quality content in order to build and maintain the following of your clients is vital.

3. Optimization of Content

For your client’s online content to be seen by both people looking for solutions to their problems and their target audience, the content must have impact, that is, it must be both visible and optimized. 

With SEO best practices, user behavior, and competitive information, you can help your client get more visibility and conversion with a content optimization service.

4. Content Distribution

Your client’s content should be shared, published, and promoted on a variety of platforms using a content distribution strategy.

This is the practice of distributing your content to your clients’ audience members via a variety of channels and media types.

It is easier for the audience to connect with your clients brand if you produce and distribute a ton of content.

Today’s digital world relies heavily on social media to distribute content.

Sharing, publishing, and promoting content on social media platforms is part of social media content distribution.

Having great content is great, but if no one sees it, what’s the point? 

5. Content Promotion

A content promotion plan is needed to assist clients in getting their product to the right audience at the right time.

With so many options for content promotion, knowing which ones are the most profitable will save you both time and money.

One of the most helpful strategies for content promotion is blog posts. 

6. Content Upkeep

Outdated content is worse than none at all.

A client can lose potential customers if its website content is out of date.

Refreshing the brand information might be as simple as replacing stale statistics with current ones, eliminating outdated screenshots, or replacing outdated internal links with newer, more relevant ones.

If your client is still not sure about the value of this service, be sure to convey to them the benefits of regularly updated material.

7. Report on the Use of Content

Tracking and giving your clients access to content marketing report services will enable them to use their content marketing approach following what is working in their campaigns.

While most marketing platforms can generate a wide range of reports, you’ll want to minimize your effort to avoid overwhelming your client with too much update. 


A content marketer can offer a wide range of content marketing services to its clients.

However, providing the best is the topmost priority.

In addition to the types of content marketing services listed above, podcasts, templates, and guest posts are all viable options to explore.

Be sure to consider the buyer’s persona of your client when making your choice on the type of content marketing service to provide, as each will speak to a different audience and assist you in achieving the objectives of your respective clients.

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