9 Best Practices for Finding New Clients for Your Content Writing Agency

Each and every company’s heart and soul are its clients and finding new clients for your content writing agency isn’t always going to be easy.

Below, we’re going to share our 9 best practices for finding new clients that we think you’ll find helpful.

Table of Contents

  1. Build Your Clientele
  2. What is a Content Writing Agency?
  3. Finding New Clients
  4. Conclusion

Build Your Clientele

Whether you are a freelancer or content writing firm, you can’t expect to be able to run a business, pay your employees, or even expand your business without building and growing your list of clientele.

What is a Content Writing Agency?

Content writing agencies include businesses, companies, groups of writers or organizations that provide content writing services on behalf of another business, person or group.

They offer a variety of services such as writing content for blogs, websites, white papers, proofreading services, infographic content, social media content, product reviews, as well as copywriting services, among other things.

Finding New Clients

Finding new clients can be critical for anyone looking to increase their income, regardless of experience level.

Also, as a firm, you will have experience with clients who are a hassle to deal with and are not worth the time and resources.

Some clients might not always fit into your business strategy — depending on their wants and needs.

You must think of long-term relationships if you want to learn how to attract clients who want to grow with your agency and enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership.

Having vast knowledge of customer service and sales will help you make better decisions when finding new clients for your content writing agency.

Here are eight tips that will help you secure long-term clients as a freelancer or agency.

  1. Create a Referrals Network

Referral networking and word of mouth is one of the best, well-known approaches to gaining new clients.

Clients who are pleased with your service are more likely to pass your name along to their friends and associates.

Don’t be afraid to ask your client to pass your name along to their family, friends and colleagues.

There will be times, however, when clients are too preoccupied to put forth the extra effort required.

Try sending emails as a reminder to satisfied clients who haven’t provided you with any reference yet and always ask for testimonials once you’ve established a working relationship with your clients.

  1. Search Job and Career Boards

Utilizing this strategy is one of the simplest ways to get new clients.

Development, copywriting and web design, and other positions can all be found on job and career sites.

With positions that range from remote to full-time to part-time to contract and everything, there are a lot of alternatives available.

  1. Follow-up With Dissatisfied Customers 

This strategy’s primary goal is to provide help and demonstrate concern for the client.

If the client were dissatisfied with their previous work, following up on them and inquiring on the progress of their business could make them have a rethink, which could lead to a side project or even a fresh dialogue about working with you again.

  1. Promote Your Product or Services

The use of Facebook advertisements and Google AdWords to promote your content writing firm to potential clients is highly recommended.

Both sites allow you to set a small daily budget if you’re pressed for cash or want to try something new when it comes to advertising your business and services.

For a beginner, Facebook ads are more user-friendly than Google AdWords, and this is because Facebook has steep learning for beginners.

  1. Initiate Conversation With Potential Customers

Locate potential customers who could use your services and devise a strategy to approach them.

That’s how you generate leads, there are numerous services on the internet that can help you with lead generation and sales.

Services like Hip Lead, GetProspect or LeadGenius.

  1. Start a Blog

Blogs are great for making a name for yourself as an authority in your field and gaining new clients.

Start by writing posts about relevant issues to businesses that will be interesting to readers who are your potential clients.

Blogging raises the problems of driving traffic to your content, which is a common concern as most bloggers have trouble creating content that attracts readers and traffic to the site.

A small amount of traffic is usually sufficient to get things going in the long run and sharing your content on social media is highly recommended.


Exploring the expert approaches we have covered above can help you zero in on the clients who can significantly impact your company and help it grow in the future.

If you keep experimenting with new methods to attract clients for your content writing agency, you’re likely to build a clientele that appreciates your services and is willing to stick with you for a long time.

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