Digital Marketing Manager Job Description (Explained)

It is crazy to think that just a few decades ago businesses had to rely on local and traditional methods like radio commercials, handing out flyers and television ads to advertise their brand.

These methods were time-consuming, stressful and they could only reach out to a few thousands people after months of advertising.

But all of that has changed thanks to digital marketing.

Below, we’ll dive into the duties of a digital marketing manager as well as provide you with a brief digital marketing manager job description so that you can understand more about what a career in this space could potentially look like.

Table of Contents

  1. Is Digital Marketing New?
  2. What Is The Role of a Digital Marketing Manager?
  3. What Skills Do You Need to Be a Digital Marketing Manager?
  4. Digital Marketing Manager Job Description
  5. Conclusion

Is Digital Marketing New?

The component of digital marketing has been there for a very long time; however, the name “digital marketing” is new.

Marketers, SEOs, and the rest of the industry have only recently grasped the need to use all digital marketing channels as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

What Is The Role of a Digital Marketing Manager?

In the same way that every profession needs a ‘manager,’ digital marketing is no exception. 

A digital marketing manager reports to the director of digital marketing and works closely with him or her, while being responsible for digital marketing strategy and implementation.

All digital marketing campaigns and other team members in the marketing department are under their purview.

The primary goal of a marketing manager is to promote an organization and its product and services; also, they plan, develop, and monitor digital marketing strategies across all digital marketing platforms.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Digital Marketing Manager?

To be a successful digital marketing manager, you must be an expert in marketing, data analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media management.

It is also an added advantage if you are an exceptional communicator, with interpersonal and analytical skills to backup your position.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

The world is a globe where everyone connects and socializes, and practically every goods and service is being sold online; this is why having a digital marketing manager is very crucial to the success of most organizations.

They are responsible for the following:

  1. Design and Handle All Aspects of the Digital Marketing Department

It is the job of the department manager to design and manage the digital marketing department, which includes all areas of the marketing database, email marketing, and display advertising.

  1. Develop and Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns should be developed and managed from concept to implementation.

You should have a thorough awareness of current marketing tools and methods as a digital marketing manager in order to effectively lead an integrated digital marketing campaign from start to completion.

  1. Develop and Monitor Campaign Spending Plans

The digital marketing managers are in charge of developing and keeping track of all the resources the organization will spend on its advertising campaign.

When it comes to launching a campaign on time and according to a specific budget, they work with the marketing team and supporting teams to accomplish this goal, while staying on track without deviating from the set goal.

  1. Develop and Maintain Social Media Platforms

Digital marketing managers plan and manage every social media platform the organization uses to market its product.

They assist in the development of the company’s social media presence.

Also, a digital marketing manager can improve an organization’s user funnel by monitoring and optimizing conversion points.

  1. Report on Marketing Campaigns

Managers of digital marketing are also in charge of developing, analyzing, and delivering accurate feedback on the result of all digital marketing initiatives and the overall success of the marketing technique.

To get the best outcome for the organization, they partner with advertising and media specialists.

  1. Evaluate New Trends and Technologies

The digital marketing manager evaluates crucial indicators affecting their website traffic, service quotas, and target audience– in order to develop a well designed and estimated digital marketing plan that’s best suited for the goal, plans and needs of the online business under their care.

  1. Encourage Teamwork for the Company’s Growth

They optimize user experience by working with internal teams to generate landing pages, while also utilizing strong analytical skills to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across numerous channels and touch-points.

Working together as a group, they also brainstorm fresh and creative ways to grow the organization.

As a digital marketing manager, you are to influence others and drive outcomes through teamwork.

  1. Manage the Organization’s Public Relations

Digital marketing managers ensure all digital initiatives are running smoothly and on time.

Additionally, they are in charge of overseeing and managing all contests, freebies, and other online projects.


The task of digital managers is wide-ranging. Enhancing the company’s digital assets and providing new options for generating revenue is their key goal.

Additionally, digital marketing managers promote a firm or service’s brand awareness in the digital world.

However, for you to succeed as a manager of digital marketing, you must have a wide range of talent, including those related to planning, project control, and team management, as well as expertise in several digital marketing disciplines.

Being a professional and well-experienced digital marketing manager might be a bit difficult without an in-depth understanding of SEO.

It is critical to understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before proceeding to the next level of this job.

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