19 Entry Level Marketing Job Titles and How To Land Them

If you’re looking for an entry level marketing job, you need to realize that entry level means starting from the bottom like everyone else.

Find companies that offer possibilities for professional growth so that you can expand your skill set and improve your job security.

For this job, you’ll have to stand out from the competition and convince the client to acquire your services.

Career boards and your network are your primary beginning points for a job hunt.

The first will open up a world of possibilities for you, while the second is more likely to result in an employment offer. 

Entry level marketing jobs are available to those with no prior marketing expertise.

Firms will accept candidates with equivalent work experience as interacting with clients, helping with marketing plans, and evaluating statistics on response rates are all possible job opportunities.

LinkedIn is a job board, but it’s also a place to meet people and expand your professional network.

Even though your professional network is tiny in the beginning of your career, your personal network may be able to provide assistance.

Below, you’ll find 19 entry level marketing jobs for beginners that you can use to kickstart your career.

Table of Contents

1. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst’s primary responsibilities include competitive and customer behavior studies and market research.

This is a highly specialized profession that requires you to perform complex data analysis and reporting in support of business decisions.

As a result, they keep a close eye on the industry’s marketing and sales trends.

Data gathering and analysis are the first steps in this process.

As a marketing analyst, your duties will include monitoring and analyzing marketing efforts, making modifications depending on the information gathered, and keeping tabs on the results of conversion rate or return on investment.

2. Marketing Assistant

This is an assistant to a marketing manager who helps in marketing and assisting the marketing managers and other marketers fulfil their projects by organizing and assisting them.

They also assist marketing managers and executives in developing company strategy. A marketing assistant’s responsibilities include helping to design strategies and maximize profits. 

3. Social Media Marketing Expert

You’ll be in charge of all or part of the following tasks in this position: developing a social media marketing strategy, selecting how many and what kinds of posts to make on each platform, keeping track of a social media content calendar, and responding to comments and messages from followers.

If you know how to use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you may earn a job by creating and sharing content on those networks with your followers. 

4. Social Media Coordinator

This involves the use of social media to market campaigns.

Common responsibilities and tasks of this job include designing and executing social media strategies and overseeing their execution, analyzing results and making suggestions for enhancements and tracking of metrics.

5. Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators are in charge of planning and executing entire marketing initiatives by forecasting sales, setting goals, and keeping track of deadlines for various activities.

They give assignments to the marketing team, with each assignment having a deadline that will be established and then monitored to make sure it’s being completed in the earliest possible time. 

You’ll be a link between senior marketing management and your team, your clients and your suppliers, while collaborating with a marketing manager or a senior marketing executive. 

6. Marketing Intern

Getting a marketing internship is the easiest of all of them. However, entry level jobs don’t come much more basic than this one.

Apply for marketing intern positions if you’re having trouble securing a job in the marketing sector. 

As an intern, your duties will include investigation and evaluation, lending a hand to the marketing department on a regular basis, doing some basic market research, keeping an eye on social media marketing data so you can evaluate your results.

7. Sales Representative

This position is critical for the growth of a company’s business.

You’ll be interacting with potential customers as a representative of the business, therefore great interpersonal skills are a must.

Sales may be a good career choice for you if you enjoy interacting with customers and assisting them with their difficulties. 

A sales representative’s primary responsibilities include communicating with prospects in order to persuade them to buy a product or service.

Prospects are contacted or met in person to discuss the advantages of the company’s products.

8. Digital Marketing Associate

Your job will be to assist a company with its online marketing initiatives. Blogs, social media, Facebook ads are all examples of ways in which digital marketing associates assist the company. 

9. Communications Assistant

A communications assistant is a member of the public relations firm’s junior staff member. 

Working in public relations entails writing press releases, organizing press conferences, and keeping tabs on all of the media exposure a company is getting at any given time.

Your ability to communicate will be critical.

10. Public Relations Specialist

You should be well-spoken, well-dressed, and well-versed in the networking process in order to start your career here.

As a public relations professional, you should focus on assisting in the implementation of public relations plans, publicizing your work by creating and distributing press releases and managing the release of information to the media.

11. Communications Specialist

Public relations, press releases, and social media marketing are just a few of the things that a communications specialist does.

In order to maintain a positive public view of the company’s brand, they create and distribute content about organizational updates.

12. Media Assistant

A media assistant’s primary responsibilities include assisting with the processing of media and advertising contracts.

Additionally, they conduct market research on relevant advertising data and generate additional reports.

They support the media buyer with budgeting and planning for advertising campaigns and keep tabs on the success of a company’s marketing efforts.

They assist in coming up with ideas for how to make current and future campaigns even more successful.

13. Social Media Coordinator

Priorities include growing participation on the company’s social media and blogging platforms as a social media coordinator puts tactics in place.

When it comes to attracting attention from their target audience, they assist content creators by generating ideas and working together.

Website visitors are tracked, followers are interacted with and feedback on the company’s products and services is solicited by coordinators.

14. Account Coordinator

An account coordinator’s primary responsibilities include responding to customer service enquiries about marketing and advertising initiatives for a business.

It manages a campaign’s budget and helps customer problems by providing feasible solutions, they offer ideas and keep track of the tasks their staff are working on as part of several campaigns.

15. Public Relations Coordinator

The primary responsibilities of a public relations coordinator include writing and distributing press releases, as well as setting up interviews with members of the media.

They keep an eye on audience behavior to see how the general public views the business.

16. SEO Expert

In terms of main duties, an SEO professional works to increase a company’s search engine ranking by optimizing its webpage.

This can involve utilizing meta descriptions, title tags, and headings. Specialists identify searchable keywords that align with a company’s brand messaging.

Anyone with an interest in backlinks and search engine marketing would do well to become an SEO professional.

Among the responsibilities are devising and implementing a search engine optimization plan, optimizing website’s performance and taking care of the technical aspects of SEO.

17. Digital Marketing Assistant

The role of this job involves exclusively helping the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) with digital marketing as a digital marketing assistant.

Some of the most important responsibilities you’ll have to fulfil is developing and implementing digital marketing strategies with the help of the intern, keeping track of traffic, leads, revenues, and the overall return on investment (ROI) while paying attention to key performance indicators and performing research and writing reports.

18. Email Marketing Expert

Having a career as an email marketing specialist will allow you to gain experience in all of these areas, as it provides room for advancement.

Its responsibilities include assisting in the establishment of an email marketing strategy, sending out newsletters created, list management and segmentation and management of email campaigns.

19. Content marketing Specialist

This is an entry level job that requires a great deal of specialized knowledge.

As long as you keep it in the realm of content marketing, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance.

You’ll be a key player in the company’s strategy for creating, publishing, and distributing online content.

This specialist has the responsibility to put together a plan for content marketing and then plan it into action and track its success.


As soon as you start your job as a marketing professional, there will be many opportunities for your advancement if you show up to work and carry out your responsibilities as asked.

Landing a job in the marketing field will require being able to market yourself well.

Working your way up from an entry level job can help you develop the skills and experience you’ll need to land a long term job.

Many of the tasks you’ll have in an entry level post will carry over to mid and upper-level positions as you progress in your career.

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